Isha Bøhling is a British-Danish artist working in painting object and sound, using her voice, songwriting and music realised though sculpture and performance. Her practice is an excavation process, composing with paint,  drawing with her voice,  sculpting instruments and performs through object. .

She has shown her own work extensively and internationally as well as curating a number of shows in the UK and abroad. She lives and works in London. 

 Isha Bøhling is featured in Beethoven Moves Kunsthistorische Museum, Vienna, 2020. An exhibition catalogue accompanying a major exhibition of modern and contemporary art to mark the 250 year Centenary of Beethovemartists at the Vienna Art History Museum. Artists include Baldessari, Rauschenberg, Casper David Friedrich, Turner, Goya, Lowry, Whistler, Twombly, Beuys, Rebecca Horn, Tino Segal, Oliasson, Idris Khan, Vija Celmins, Katie Paterson, Basquiat and many more,

Edited by Curators: Stefan Weppelman, Andreas Zimmerman, Andreas Kugler and Jasper Sharp.


Isha Bøhling was selected for London Open 2015, at the Whitechapel Gallery and represented the UK at the Gongju Biennial, South Korea in 2006. Recent exhibitions include Distressed Geometry, Kunstraum Baden, Switzerland and Between Thought and Space, Dilston Grove London both in 2015. She was shortlisted for the East London Painting Prize in 2014. She was a finalist in the John Moores 23 Painting Prize in 2003. Her work was selected by Matthew Collings for the Crash Open 2011 at the Charlie Dutton Gallery. She was a finalist in the Artsway Prize 2005 and the Red Mansions Prize, 2002. She was also short-listed for the Observer Student Prize 2002. She was Artist-in-Residence at the Getty Foundation, Siena Arts Institute, Italy in 2012  Bøhling has exhibited in ‘Transit’ at The Recoleta museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina and ‘Mars Now’ Rua Sympatica, Sau Paulo, Brazil, 2006.









2002             MA Fine Art. Central Saint Martins. UAL. London. 

1997             BA Hons Degree. Plymouth University.




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.    • Collectors Rooms. JGM Gallery. London


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     • Behind These Walls, Sonic Arts Residency. London Met Music, School of Computing and Digital Media.

     • Light Speak. Performance.Sonic Arts Residency. London Met Music, School of Computing and Digital Media.


     • Open Field, Cass School of Art, London Metropolitan University.

     • Do Re Mi Fa So La Te, Perimeter Space Griffin Gallery. London.


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  • PIY PaintLounge, Sluice Biennale London


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  • Prime performance, Dilston Grove, London


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  • Parallel Universe, Charlie Dutton Gallery. London


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  • Bemis centre for contemporary Arts. Omaha NE USA


  • Spacex Gallery, Exeter




. Freelands Foundation Award. Arts Council London.


. Artist in Residence, Sonic Arts Residency. London Met Music. School of Computing and Digital Media.


. Artist in Residence, Open Field. Cass Arts. Sir John Cass School of Art nd Architecture. London Metropolitan University.


  • Artist in Residence, Ses Dotze Naus, Ibiza, Spain


  • Participant, The London Open 2015, Whitechapel Gallery London


  • Participant, The East London Painting Prize 2014. The Legacy List, London


  • Artist In Residence, Siena Art Institute, Paul Getty III Foundation, Siena, Italy


  • Participant, Crash Open 2011, Charlie Dutton Gallery London. Juror: Matthew Collings

  • Artist in residence, Four Corners, London


  • Shortlisted, Celeste Art Prize, London.

  • Artist representing the UK, Gongju Biennial of South Korea


  • Shortlist, John Moores Painting Prize


  • Shortlist and participant, Red Mansion Prize

  • AHRB MA Fine Art Scholarship


  • Finalist, National Juried Competition, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, USA. Juror: Howard N. Fox, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, LA County Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.


  • Finalist and 'Best of Show', National Juried Show, Hunter Museum of American Art, Chanttanooga, Tennesee.

  • Finalist, National Juried Competition, Long Beach Island Center for the Arts and Sciences, Loveladies, New Jersey. Juror: Darsie Alexander, Assistant Curator, MOMA, New York.


  • Finalist, National Juried Competition, Sioux City Art Museum, Iowa. USA

  • Artist in Residence, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, Nebraska. USA




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  • Co-curator, Parallel Universe. Charlie Dutton Gallery. London.


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  • Accompanying Catalogue by Bøhling with texts by Bøhling/Zwimmer/ Tom Morton


  • Curator, Reduced, Century. London


  • Assistant Curator, Ford, MA Saint Martin’s Interim Exhibition.Oxford House, Ashley Gardens.

  • Managing Director I&I. London. Co Curator Shaheen Merali



Private collections include University Arts London. Ernst and Young. London. Insinger de Beaufort, London. 212Box. New York. New York. USA


Guest speaker and visiting lecturer: Tate Exchange Symposium: Plymouth college of Art and Design. Siena Art Institute, Italy. UAL London, including Saint Martins, Camberwell College of Art and London College of Communication.and West Kent College, Architectural Association, London. BA fine Art, and BA Architecture at Sir John Cass School of Art and Architecture, London Metropolitan University, BA Music Technology, London Met Music, School of Computing and Digital Media and PIY Paintlounge London.